1-4 Butanediol (BDO)

[ cas: 110-63-4 ]

We specialize in selling 1-4 Butanediol (BDO) to businesses that only require a small quantity, who could not justify purchasing a full 250 Litre drum. Our experience and reliability in the sale of solvents and chemical reagents has made us one of the top retailers of BDO, with customers all over the world.

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Legal information:

BDO is a class C controlled Substance

We will only sell this product to registered and approved business customers.

We do not sell BDO for personal use.

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1-4 Butanediol Specifications...

  • Physical Properties

    Formula C4H10O2
    Molecular Weight: 90.1
    CAS Registry Number 110-63-4
    Solidification point, 20 ºC
    Boiling point, ºC 230 ºC
    Density @ 20 ºC , g/cm3 1.017
    Flash point, ºC 134
  • Product Detail

      Value Method
    Assay, % minimum 99.8 STI8460
    Water, % maximum 0.10 STI8432
    Color, APHA maximum 10 STI8415
    Foreign matter none STI8412
  • Impurities

    Chloride, wt. ppm max 0.30
    Sulfate, wt. ppm max 1.00
    Nitrate, wt. ppm max 1.00
    Iron, wt. ppm max 0.05
    Copper, wt. ppm max 0.05
    Zinc, wt. ppm max 0.05
    Lead, wt. ppm max 0.05
    Sodium, wt. ppm max 0.50
    Potassium, wt. ppm max 0.50